Tablets Climax 2

Among the many tools for menopause, homeopathic medicines occupy a special place. They have the same performance as hormonal, and have fewer contraindications.

One of the common medicines of this series is menopause, the instructions for use detail the ways to use it and the symptoms in which it helps.


  • 1 What are the signs of menopause?
  • 2 What forms does the remedy have?
    • 2.1 Features of use
  • 3 What provides the effect of the drug?
  • 4 Does everyone show Climax?

What are the signs of menopause?

Elimination of menopause symptoms with menopause

The drug contains herbs and components that have an effect on the body, like estrogen. It is their deficiency that causes all the unpleasant symptoms inherent in menopause.

Moreover, the tool is equally well with the signs of emotional and vascular origin. Climaxan eliminates or reduces:

  • Tides and increased activity of sweat glands;
  • Vestibular disorders, headache;
  • Cardiopalmus;
  • Acute emotional reactions, depressive or aggressive manifestations;
  • Insomnia.

What forms does the remedy have?

Klimaksan happens in two forms, the instruction on application special for each of them. The drug can be selected in granules or tablets.

The first form is chosen by those who have no problems with the indicator of glucose in the blood, because in addition to the active substances, it contains sugar. Tablets should be replaced by granules to those who do not tolerate lactose. In them, she acts as an additional substance.

The common point in the use of granules and tablets is the method of use. They can not be chewed or swallowed, washed down with water, like most drugs. The granules are placed under the tongue and held in the mouth until they themselves melt. Tablets simply dissolve, also to complete gradual dissolution. The active substances are introduced through the mucous membranes slowly, only this effect is achieved.

Both forms of the drug do not differ sharp smell, so that the discomfort of their reception does not deliver. Menopause can be taken simultaneously with other necessary woman drugs.

It does not react with pharmaceutical components, does not reduce their effectiveness. You can start taking menopause at the stage of premenopause.

Features of use

Features of the use of klimaksan tablets during menopauseThe use of different forms of means is not the same:

  • Menopause tablets dissolve in the mouth for 1 piece twice a day with intervals between doses in 8-12 hours. It is impossible to combine them with food, they dissolve the drug 15 minutes before or after the same period after it has been taken. For 2 weeks of use, menopausal syndrome markedly reduces its manifestations or disappears completely. If the effect is insufficient, the number of tablets per day is allowed to increase to 3-4 pieces. Other principles of application remain. Climaxan tablets can be taken up to six months. Then you need a break of at least 1 month. If necessary, the course of therapy is repeated more than once;
  • Granules take 5 units, also twice a day. This is the optimal dose, but if the result of a 2-week application is not completely satisfactory, you can increase the daily amount. Then the day will need to dissolve the same 5 pellets, but 3-4 times. Food should not accompany reception. There can be no earlier than 15 minutes after resorption of the drug. Or, on the contrary, having breakfast, having had supper, you will have to postpone reception for 2 hours. The course of treatment with granules should last 4-8 weeks. It can be repeated, but only after a 14-21-day break.

What provides the effect of the drug?

The results in eliminating the difficult transition period for non-specialists are amazing. But if you know what is menopause, the composition of the drug, its effectiveness will be absolutely understandable.

The list of active components includes:

  • Tsimifuga This plant is known for its estrogen-like effects on the body. Therefore, it is able to eliminate all signs of a hormone deficiency. It is thanks to her that the flushing of the upper part of the body, the sensation of heat and lack of air disappear. The plant has a calming, relaxing spastic muscles, a calming and analgesic effect. But the danger of tumors in the mammary glands, or wear of the heart, it does not create;
  • Lachesis. It is a fluid produced by the glands of the Brazilian Viper, that is, snake venom. In its dose, which is contained in menopause, it regulates the work of the heart, reducing hot flashes by normalizing blood circulation. Headaches also stop due to a decrease in pressure;
  • Apis. Bee venom works to eliminate the tearfulness, irritability, mood swings. Depression, thanks to this component, does not threaten a woman.

The impact of the drug Ladys Formula on the woman's body during menopauseWe recommend reading the article on the use of the drug Ledis Formula for menopause. You will learn about the composition of the product and its effect on the woman's body during menopause, its role in the fight against aging and how to use the drug.

Does everyone show Climax?

The main indications for taking menopause drug for menopause in womenClimax is a homeopathic drug, therefore it has significantly fewer contraindications than hormonal drugs that are prescribed to achieve the same effect. These can only be attributed to the lactose intolerance contained in the tablets. But instead of this form of the drug, granules are taken in which this component is absent.

For women with diabetes, taking pills is preferable. There is no dangerous sugar in this disease, which is present in the granules. An absolute contraindication may be intolerance to one of the components of menopause. Snake and bee venom are known to be strong allergens.

Overdose is possible if you take too many pills. With granules, this is unrealistic, since the adverse reactions caused by the preparation are related to auxiliary substances, which are not available in this form. The effect of overdose is expressed in digestive disorders.

Despite the small number of prohibitions to receive the drug, you should not take it without the knowledge of the doctor. It has a natural origin, but a strong effect on the body.

Climaxan will certainly help if the instructions for use are exactly followed. For homeopathic remedies, the dosage and rules of administration are very important. There is also a need for medical control in treating menopausal manifestations.