Nausea with menopause 2

Age-related changes in the balance of hormones, referred to as menopause, are accompanied by many symptoms that did not disturb before. Most women know them firsthand before joining this period. But there is one sensation that causes questions: can it make me sick with menopause, or does this mean it's time for a gastroenterologist?


  • 1 Why nausea is felt
    • 1.1 Pathological causes of nausea
  • 2 Do I have to endure the feeling
    • 2.1 How to normalize well-being without medication

Why nausea is felt

Why sick with menopauseSex hormones are important for well-being. Their fluctuations in the period of menopause, the subsequent change in concentration in the blood affect the work of many body systems. Health changes not for the better, while in the sensations experienced there are some regularities, the totality of which is called menopausal syndrome.

It covers several aspects of well-being. A part of some of them is nausea with menopause. The main cause of its occurrence is hormonal imbalance. More reasons for nausea and the circumstances in which it occurs can be described as follows:

  • Tides This is a mandatory symptom of menopause, beginning to disturb in its debut period, when the menstrual function is still present. Vegetative disorders, that is, a feeling of heat in the body, headache, drops in body temperature are almost always preceded by nausea. There is a lump in the throat, it seems that the contents of the stomach now go up with the flow of blood through the vessels. At the end of the tide, the woman feels weakness, devastation, fatigue. A light feeling of nausea may not leave even in these moments. It will be stronger both before and after the tide, the longer and more intense it will be. And when a symptom is repeated many times a day with great force, with menopause, it can be nauseous;
  • Increased pressure. Falling levels of sex hormones provoke negative changes in the functions of the heart and blood vessels, as well as blood formation. The main "engine" of the body begins to part with normal contractions, tachycardia appears. Vessels lose their former elasticity, and blood becomes more viscous. Cholesterol deposits may appear on the artery walls, which makes it difficult to move. This leads to an increase in blood pressure, which is always accompanied by nausea and headache. If the drop in its values ​​is too sharp, vomiting and dizziness are possible;
  • Emotional arousal. Reduction of estrogen and gestagen in menopause leads to a decrease in endorphins and serotonin responsible for good mood. A woman begins to experience the whole range of existing negative emotions, from gratuitous anger to constant despondency and the desire to cry. This has a negative effect on the central nervous system, which can lead to depression, one of the signs of which is an aversion to food. But just strong emotions can provoke what makes menopause sick. In this case, the sensation will be light, but may be aggravated by the smell of food;
  • Insomnia. Tides, increased sweating, frustrated nerves interfere with quality rest. And without it, during the day, there is a weakness, which is aggravated if you need to strain physically or intellectually. It is often also accompanied by nausea. Low blood pressure plays a role in this;
  • Premenstrual syndrome. This reason is relevant for premenopause. The level of hormones is already losing its previous indicators, so the monthly may take place differently than before. This concerns the volume and consistency of the discharge, but also the sensations that a woman feels before rare critical days. They can be quite painful and supplemented with nausea;
  • Improper nutrition. If there is a need to find out whether it can cause nausea during menopause, you should truly evaluate your own diet. The former abundance of fatty, high-calorie food can now cause such an organism reaction.
Hormonal changes make nutritional needs different than before. Requires more vitamins, products that stimulate the production of estrogen. The digestion of sweets, smoked meats, salty foods is harder, and the eating habits remain the same.

In this case, nausea is a signal that they should be changed.

Pathological causes of nausea

The fact that the woman is sick with menopause, may be responsible for the disease. This period is characterized by a decrease in immunity, therefore, the emergence of ailments, the exacerbation of previous ailments. Menopause may show up:

  • Diseases that cause nausea with menopauseDiseases of the thyroid gland. When hypothyroidism nausea pursues some constantly, it can not be overcome by changing the position of the body or diet. The likelihood of a disease in menopause increases because the thyroid is also hormone-producing organ, changes in the balance of estrogens, gestagens and androgens may affect this function of it;
  • Diabetes. The increase in glucose increases the locomotor activity of the stomach, hence, the feeling of nausea. It is supplemented, however, by excessive appetite and strong thirst. So with these signs, it is worth checking for sugar;
  • Malignant tumor. This disease, wherever the tumor is located, for a long time does not show any noticeable signs. Persistent nausea can indicate an intoxication caused by “bad” cells and hint at the presence of a tumor;
  • Gastrointestinal ailments. It is possible that nausea is not directly related to menopause, but is a sign of trouble in the digestive system. Gastritis, colitis, cholecystitis can worsen at any time. But the nervousness inherent to menopause makes a new round of ailment or its first manifestation more likely;
  • Cardiovascular diseases. They can be a consequence of menopause, a sign of his late period. In the absence of therapy at high tides, pressure surges, blood vessels quickly become clogged with cholesterol, the heart muscle wears out. Atherosclerosis may occur. More often, heart problems signal pain. But for some, even a heart attack is accompanied only by the weight behind the sternum. And with a high pain threshold, many are able to endure for a very long time. This feeling is complemented by persistent nausea and vomiting.

Do I have to endure the feeling

Since nausea can be a sign of disease, you need to find out its nature as early as possible and try to get rid of. This will improve overall health, neutralizes other signs of menopause, will lead more serious dangers.

But even if only climax is guilty of it, nausea should not be perceived as something harmless. After all, when it is impossible to stabilize the metabolism due to lack of appetite, it is normal to relax and work.

In severe cases, you can suppress the feeling only with the use of hormones:

  • Proginova;
  • Divina;
  • Climara;
  • Divisek;
  • Angelique;
  • Livial.

Drugs to help deal with nausea in menopause

The drugs eliminate the causes of nausea. But only for the sake of getting rid of her take such serious means is not necessary. To equalize the balance of hormones, to get rid of a lump that rushes to the throat will be enough to take:

  • Homeopathic medicines Klimaksan, Remens, Klimadinon, Klimakt-Khel;
  • Soothing Valerian, Motherwort, Wamelan.

There are remedies that eliminate the mechanism of nausea:

  • Zeercal. The drug blocks the nerve impulses sent by the body to the brain, due to which the sensation passes;
  • Aeron. Reduces the production of saliva, reduces the activity of the pancreas;
  • Validol. Suppresses sensation reflexes.

All drugs should be prescribed by a doctor, their action is multidirectional, and if the choice is wrong, to get rid of nausea will not succeed.

The value of hormone therapy during menopauseWe recommend reading the article on the value of hormone therapy for menopause. You will learn about the indications for use, the effect of drugs at different stages of menopause, the possibility of replacing them with homeopathic remedies.

How to normalize well-being without medication

The problem of whether a woman can feel sick during menopause has occurred in many generations. Therefore, you should listen to their experience in eliminating the symptom:

  • Adhere to a healthy diet without excessive amounts of fat and carbohydrates, an abundance of seasonings, smoked meats;
  • Forget about smoking;
  • Lead a physically active life;
  • Many to be on the air, strive for coolness;
  • Do not get up in the morning abruptly;
  • From time to time take decoctions on the basis of medicinal plants (peony, mint, lemon balm, ginger).

Nausea can tire more than the rest of the symptoms of menopause. But perhaps she will save someone's life, as it will force him to see a doctor.