Soothing preparations for menopause

Acute emotional reactions in menopause are not caused by age-related deterioration. They have objective reasons for the appearance. But women are still hard to endure their own emotions, impulsiveness, not to mention their surroundings. Therefore, most are wondering what to choose soothing during menopause. There are lighter means that can stabilize the work of the nervous system, and quite serious, not tolerating unauthorized use.


  • 1 Why sedatives may be needed
    • 1.1 More about neurosis
  • 2 How to calm the neurosis
    • 2.1 Valerian
    • 2.2 Motherwort
    • 2.3 Novocaine
    • 2.4 When depression comes

Why sedatives may be needed

Emotional experiences on various occasions occur at any age. If they are negative, they worsen their state of health. To a greater extent it concerns the climacteric period. Decreasing the amount of sex hormones determines that many reactions in the body occur differently.

It concerns the nervous system first of all. It becomes less resistant to stress. A menopausal woman perceives a lot more acutely, becomes restless, touchy, irritable, and these are not whims. The diagnosis that is made in this case is neurosis.

More about neurosis

Causes of neurosis with menopauseNeurosis with menopause has several stages of development. Its manifestations and methods of treatment depend on it. It is important not to trigger a symptom because it dictates other manifestations of menopause. Symptoms of neurosis can be described as follows:

  • Constant fatigue;
  • Insomnia, irritability;
  • Changeable blood pressure;
  • Heart palpitations, sometimes feeling short of breath;
  • Emotional reactions that do not correspond to the real situation;
  • Increased concern for appearance or, on the contrary, complete indifference to it;
  • Foreign sounds in the ears, unstable equilibrium;
  • Sudden and sudden mood swings.

Symptoms manifest more or less pronounced. But if you leave everything “to God's will,” it will intensify, leading to heavy manifestations.

Soothing agents for menopause are required by most women. Their choice is determined by the strength of neurotic reactions.

How to calm the neurosis

In the treatment of various symptoms of menopause hormone preparations are well helpful. But they are not shown to everyone, and even if only psycho-emotional manifestations are concerned, the doctor is unlikely to prescribe such strong means. Sometimes, on the contrary, in the case of the diagnosis “neurosis during menopause”, treatment is required not only hormonal or with the help of phytoestrogens. Necessary drugs to restore emotional balance. Otherwise, the development of depression, hypertension, heart attack, stroke.

In the treatment of climacteric neurosis, nutrition, lifestyle, and the avoidance of stress are important. But other symptoms of menopause also contribute to its development.

In order to prevent discomfort and cope with the existing signs, it is important to use sedatives during menopause. Despite the fact that many women are confident in their competence with regard to these drugs, they should be prescribed by a specialist.


Reception of valerian during menopauseAlmost everyone knows about the soothing qualities of a valerian plant. There are many popular recipes based on its root, used to combat the various symptoms of menopause. Valeriana for menopause is used as in medicinal collections to reduce its vegetative-vascular manifestations, and in finished form (tablets or drops).
The drug in menopause has the following effects:

  • Reduction of gratuitous anxiety;
  • A slight decrease in pressure, and over time its stabilization;
  • Alignment of heart rate;
  • The elimination of difficulties in falling asleep, intermittent night rest.

For menopause Valerian is administered 1-2 tablets for a three-day reception. If you feel minimal improvement, do not exceed this dose.

The drug is safe, non-toxic, perfectly combined with other drugs, without interfering with and without increasing their impact. But excess dosage will lead to constant drowsiness, weakness, and later addiction may develop to valerian, in which it will become ineffective.


The use of this medicinal plant is similar to the effect of valerian. But motherwort has great potential in eliminating neurotic manifestations during menopause:

  • Actively fights tides;
  • Copes with increased excitability, convulsions;
  • Restores sleep;
  • Normalizes pressure and heart rate.

Means with it can be prepared at home, but there are ready-made forms: Motherwort Forte and Motherwort P. They are used for 1-3 tablets, divided into several doses. They wash down the medicine with water, but do it during a meal.


The use of novocaine for menopauseNovocaine everyone knows how to relieve pain. For menopause, it is typical for strong vascular manifestations and gynecological ailments. Therefore, sometimes Novocain with menopause makes sense to use. And although not all doctors recognize this way of solving the psychoemotional problems of the menopause period, it is still necessary to consult with them on this issue.

The drug dilates blood vessels, eliminating spasm, which contributes to the cessation of headaches, reduces the number and strength of hot flashes. It has a positive effect on the nervous system. The irritability, tearfulness decreases. The tool is known and the fact that a positive effect on the work of the thyroid and other glands, as it contains para-aminobenzoic acid. This allows you to even a little hormonal level, which significantly reduces the nervous manifestations.

With menopause, the treatment regimen is important. Novocain 2 percent when menopause diluted with 5% glucose solution. The solution is made fresh each time, introducing it to 3-5 ml every other day. It is necessary to make 12 injections, adding with each subsequent 1 ml. Upon completion of the course improves sleep, memory, headaches go away.

Causes of headache during menopauseWe recommend reading an article on the treatment of menopause headache. You will learn about the causes of discomfort, ways to get rid of heaviness in the head, methods of therapy and the recommended lifestyle for women during menopause.

When depression comes

Sometimes the nervous manifestations take on such a character that it is already useless to limit ourselves to means of insomnia and to improve the emotional background. Depression overtakes the woman, which, besides the symptoms already mentioned here, manifests itself:

  • Apathy or despondency, pessimism;
  • Guilt in front of loved ones or a sense of their own lack of demand;
  • Complete loss of appetite, a sharp decrease in weight and weakness caused by them;
  • Panic fear of death, or, conversely, the desire for it.

These signs threaten not only well-being, but life itself. Antidepressants for menopause will help to restore balance. These drugs are prescribed by a specialist who regularly monitors their intake, dosage, results.

The choice is made between the following means:

  • Taking the drug Paroxetine with depression during menopauseParoxetine, Rexetine, Fluoxetine, Adepress, Paxil, Fluvoxamine. These funds contribute to the development and perception of the body of serotonin. The pleasure hormone is quantitatively reduced due to a decrease in estrogen and progestin, which can serve as one of the reasons for neurosis and depression. The dosage is chosen individually, but can not exceed 40 mg. Take one of the drugs with food in the morning. The duration of treatment will be determined by the doctor. This type of sedation can be combined with menopause with hot flushes Sonapaks, Eperatezinom, Depakinom, Finlepsinom;
  • Coaxil. In addition to stimulating the absorption of serotonin has the ability to relieve pain, vegetative-vascular manifestations. Helps sleep, relieves anxiety. The dosage will be from 12.5 mg per single dose. There should be three of them per day. Coaxil drink before meals;
  • Efevelon, Velaksin, Velafax. In these products, the active ingredient is venlafaxine hydrochloride. It also contributes to the production and delivery of serotonin to the CNS. Reception of one of the drugs is carried out in the amount of 75-225 mg per day, distributed over several times. The tablets are swallowed whole with food, they cannot be crushed.
An important point in antidepressant therapy for climacteric nervous and psychological disorders is that it is impossible to stop their use without permission and immediately. For the body, it will be a great stress that will push for this type of symptom to intensify.

The sedatives used in menopause should be selected correctly, then success is ensured in the treatment. But do not consider them magic pills. Intensify the impact of funds need to streamline lifestyle, nutrition, the desire for positive.